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  • The next innovation……

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    About a year ago, we re-iterated our commitment to innovation, crisis or not. In Basel, we will launch the latest chapter of the Ateliers deMonaco innovation story….but for those die-hard fans and passionate supporters, we wanted to reveal a huge milestone we passed this weekend…after several proto-types, the first final movement was functioning!!! “I know it sounds funny, but it is always a very emotional moment to see something completely functional after several years of uncertainty if it will ever work… birth is a painful but rewarding process” Pim Koeslag, Master Horlogier and the father of 2 young children smilingly admitted. For those of you that think you know what the next innovation is Pim has been working on for so long, please take a guess…as you came to expect from us, it is something never done before…. !!!

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    pict0482 21 1024x1015 The next innovation...... pict0482 21

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