Monaco 24 September 2009 –  Under the patronage of H.S.H Prince Albert, the charity auction Only Watch 2009 took place alongside the Monaco Yacht Show, with the proceeds going to the Monaco Association for Muscular Dystrophy Research. Just as it was two years ago, this year’s auction has been a huge success. Under the leadership of Osvaldo Patrizzi from auction house Patrizzi & Co, the auction is estimated to have raised nearly Euro 2.3 million! “We are proud to have contributed to the success of Only Watch 2009, an initiative that is the ultimate win-win for all involved. True watch collectors are able to acquire unique pieces of the 30 most prestigious watch brands – mostly at reasonable prices – while helping the the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the same time” said Robert van Pappelendam, co-founder of Ateliers deMonaco.


“These are excellent results,” says Osvaldo Patrizzi, “Proving once again, thanks to the marvelous craftsmanship of the 34 watch brands that donated their unique works of horology, that there is a continuing demand for unusual and exclusive pieces.”

Luc Pettavino, President of the Monaco Yacht Show and founder of the Monegasque Association Against Muscular Dystrophy, declared, “In the face of this marvelous result, I cannot but thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for everything that they have given of their talents to such a noble cause and with such humanity, excellence and altruism. With their collective energies orientated towards the same objective, everyone has once again given with humility and joy, the right of hope for healing to 1,000s of children in the world.”


Ateliers deMonaco entered the auction with the iconic Carré d’Or Grand Tourbillon XP 18K rose gold with black onyx dial. Master Horlogier and co-founder Pim Koeslag: “Of course we are excited that as a new comer, our entrance triggered very strong interested of customers from around the world, culminating in a dramatic and exciting final sale”. Ateliers deMonaco auction performance was among the best of the younger generation brands, confirming the appeal and potential of this first Made in Monaco proposition.



See more details on the creation of the watch:  http://blog.ateliers-demonaco.com/?p=83

The beautiful watch-art of all participating brands can be viewed on the official website of Only Watch :. www.onlywatch.com

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  1. I became very well impressed with the collection of the new manufacture Ateliers DeMonaco. The Only Watch 2009 charity event could not be more appropriate to unveil a timepiece such as the Carré D’Or Grand Tourbillon XP, not only because the company is the most recent first luxury brand based in the city, but also and perhaps more important: the elegance and technology embodied in this watch. The master horlogers of the DeMonaco invented or discovered the exact architeture of the tourbillon device in order to provide a very high accuracy for a mechanical movement (no more than 75 seconds of deviation per month). It is worth mentioning that XP means Extreme Precision. In order words, there is a perfect match of its 80 components with the center of gravity of the tourbillon axis. This is an important point not very well explored by other brands. In short, Ateliers DeMonaco approach captures the very essence of the atmosphere of the Monaco Principality.

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